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Last Five Years


His vocal performance and dance ability was uniformly strong and forceful. Litherland transformed into a genuine character… his performance grows in its passion and the character of Jamie becomes richer and more complex. 


Mamma Mia​

...buff guys in wet suits wearing flippers... Pepper (Elliott Litherland) and Eddie (Lyonel Reneau)... amp up the comedy.


A brilliant cast of triple-threat performers create enormous, distinct characters you can’t help but fall in love with... the extraordinarily beautiful and beefcake ensemble corps are as integral to the overall effect as the virtuoso performances.


Gentleman's Guide...​

Elliott Litherland is a handsome, earnest Monty who gracefully teeters between utterly innocent and downright sinister while always being adorable. His terrifically expressive face and inventive yet understated physical comedy is at least matched in brilliance by Harry Bouvy who, astonishingly, plays every single one of the D’Ysquith clan...


A powerful and engaging performance by Elliott Litherland ensures that Monty’s charm, good looks, and poise carry the day - and the audience’s sympathies.


She Loves Me​

Litherland and Berg are charming and endearing as the couple. He breaks into a Dick Van Dyke-esque rubber-jointed style of movement, followed by the giddiest song this side of "Singin' in the Rain" with the title number.


Forever Plaid

The blend and balance of the boys’ voices is exquisite. Litherland’s smooth bass tones shine in his solo on the “Sixteen Tons/Chain Gang” mash-up.

And on top of the harmonies and acting, the gentlemen don’t miss a step of their intricate choreography.


My Fair Lady


"...that guy could have filled a brought a megabus to the theatre and taken home every woman in the audience if he wanted..."

-some guy that my mom overheard as she was walking out of a production of my fair lady i did once.

Sherry Litherland did not approve.

Y'all ever heard of the bumbys? If you haven't, check them out.

 I met them once.

This was their review.

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